KerryJo has been busy!

Here are some of the things accomplished:

  • Opening 2 Full-Service Community Schools
  • Initiating the Teacher of Color Retention and Retainment Plan
  • Welcomed Olson Middle as becoming a certified IB school (she helped bring it)
  • Brought in more advanced learning classes
  • Helped to get the district in line with the free lunch system with the Park Board – this past winter was the one time she didn’t have to post separately for the Northside.
  • Brought forth the course plan the district is using for the CDD (she only wanted it at North)
  • Pushed for over $100 million in capital improvements to District 2 schools
  • Completed the Franklin Pool that was supposed to be rebuilt when the school opened in 2015
  • Fought for community views
  • Pushed the district to invest in over $100 million in programming on the Northside.
  • Brought forward the plan of the CDD made from the community
  • Held many parent/community meetings
  • Worked with Director Caprini on one amendment to save Northside SROs and another amendment to save the Northside SROs by herself.
  • Had conversations around that which hurts the Northside with other Electeds as well as MPD, MTC, and Park Board officers.
  • Participated in the new and more inclusive curriculum in the district
  • Don’t forget that beautiful North High Field (where you don’t have to use a Port-a-potty)
  • Things she is currently working on and could use your help because it takes all of us (and you are reading this note…) 
  • Freedom Schools
  • A trades program at North
  • She has 4 empty buildings and would like to see the…
  • Gordon Center become a youth center
  • Williard School become a Northside “Sabanthani Center” like building
  • Victory Memorial Ice Arena become a roller rink
  • And Lincoln become an accelerated learning school (the whole school)

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