Kerry Jo is endorsed by parents, community members and the MN DFL Party, Insight News, MFT 59, Teamsters 120, Stonewall DFL, SEIU State Council, Womenwinning, and the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation.

You got my vote. Your commitment to North Minneapolis youth, the fight for quality education for our children and your true connection to our schools is why you are the best candidate for school board.

Robin Lewis – Northside Resident

Below is the button I choose to wear and the person I choose to endorse because…This woman is passionate and cares about the kids. She listens to their needs and answers the call. She is willing to work with parents, students, and the community collaboratively to make things work in the best interest for all. She an advocate, an organizer, and all around great lady! I totally support KerryJo for School Board. She always has a smile and her spirit is willing!

Audua Pugh, Northside Resident, Advocate, and Founder/Executive Director of Off The Blue Couch/Rusty & The Crew

I just wanted you to know how proud I am of you and the rest of the crew for EVERYTHING you do for our children and grandchildren here in North Minneapolis….NOTHING BUT LOVE RESPECT AND ADMIRATION FOR YOU FOREVER!

Wayland Johnson – Northside Polar and Parent

Down ballot races like School Board matter too. KerryJo Felder is one that stands as an important one for me. she is a fierce advocate for the Northside and really cares about our kids.

Taken-Holtze – Northside Parent

Since the very first time I met Kerry, several years ago, she spoke with great passion for our Northside children. She always shows up and is always putting the needs of our children first. I trust KerryJo to represent our Community and to be a voice for North Minneapolis Youth. That’s why I support KerryJo Felder and voted for her early!

Kristel Porter – Northside Resident & Mother

Kerry Jo Felder is a fierce advocate for Northside students and families. As an elected official she brings integrity, understanding, compassion and vision for her role, the school board, and the community. I have had the great honor of working with Kerry Jo and am always so impressed with how hard she goes for Northside families. She puts the needs of students and equitable access at the forefront of all her work. KerryJo has my full support for School Board.

Danielle Tietjen – Northside Resident and Mother

KerryJo has earned my endorsement because of real life experiences with my children and how she is always present. My daughter had an issue at a school and KerryJo got involved. The school reacted quickly because of her presence. The school immediately spoke to the parents of the child and a bullying assembly was held. It happened on a Monday and the assembly happened on Wednesday. She shows up!

Bernard Robinson – Northside Resident and Father

This was taken four years ago while phone banking for KerryJo Felder. I’ll be phone banking for her again this week and I want you to know why.

As a Bethune teacher for the past 7 years, I would invite decision makers and community members to read to my kids, so they could see the beautiful, brilliant beings who they are making decisions about. Almost all school board members came, if I requested. But KerryJo is the only one who would show up unannounced when other things were going on. I would come in and she would be sitting by the door, we would hug (I miss hugging) and I would ask what she is doing at Bethune. She would say, “Well, I’m checking in on ____ that I heard about.” Or, “I just wanted to come visit because I heard you got a new mural.” It was so nice to see how very involved she was/is and how she pays attention whether we are telling her what is going on or not. . .Which leads me to another reason why I am volunteering for her again.

Kerry Jo is currently one of three school board members who is willing to have a 1:1 standing meeting with me. As President of MFT, it is absolutely standard practice for board members to speak with and meet with union leadership, to better understand what is going on. But currently, that is not the case. Thank you, Kerry Jo for all you do.

Thank you for showing up to our rallies when we are fighting for students, safety, stability, and more. I can’t imagine if we didn’t have this woman advocating for all of us on the school board. Be cautious of school board members who answer to the superintendent, rather than the other way around. The school board is to direct his work and we need more leaders who understand this.

Greta Callahan – MFT President

I ran for the school board because I was tired of business, as usual. I was tired of parents being ignored. I wanted to see change. It’s not looking good. One of the reasons, I stand beside KerryJo is because she is one of us. She knows us because, she is US. The first time I saw KerryJo Felder, she was campaigning for Obama. She walked into the Alumni room at North, while the North High Advisory was holding a planning meeting to save North from closing. She was full of energy and ideas, when she heard our mission. She has been involved with North and other northside schools since then. Through the years, she has proved that she is tenacious about the Northside, the schools and the community. There’s no doubt that she’s a Hell-Raiser. However, a Warrior is what we need, now more than ever; if we want to see our kids experience academic success. We often, don’t see eye to eye, but I know where her heart is. Two perspectives are better than one. I’ve been waiting a long time, for a warrior I could fight beside. A warrior that doesn’t become a part of the get-along gang, once they are at any of the tables. Not a lot of warriors, at other tables either. When I find one, I try to hang on to them. Some of these board members should be ashamed. The outgoing Chairman said, at the end of his term, that MPS is the Titanic and going down, even those in life boats won’t survive. Could not get those words or that visual out of my head. Just, can’t. Yet, he is still on the board. The incoming Chair was quoted as saying we will lose 1/3 of our students with CDD. Parents made it clear how they felt, but it fell on the deaf ears of those they gave their vote. Oh, well, what can we do I have problems with fatalism. Why not just open the doors, and say LEAVE or resign and let someone else do it. How many times do I have to hear the District repeat, we’re the lowest of the low over here?? I’m an optimist. How much bang are you getting for your Buck (tax dollars). I see votes like money and wouldn’t vote for anyone I would not hand my money to. There’s more at stake than just the school board race.

KerryJo has been continuously fighting, making noise, irritating people but never giving up on our traumatized, marginalized families, citywide. The multiple layers of trauma our kids and families have been going through, long before the virus hit. If there are people concerned about who she works for, can you answer this question? Are you defined by your job title? Is that who you are in your personal hours. If you are, that’s not a job that’s control. We can’t let the district keep their knees on our necks. Yup, I said it – they hold us down, not up. Looking for more warriors, but for now, I’ll settle for this one. As tired as she gets, she does not give up or cave in.

She Walks, the Talk!

She has continuously provided resources and food to the community. Once the virus hit and the schools closed, every Friday, KerryJo has been out, personally, delivering food to the community. Everything from eggs and milk, to fruits and vegetables and lots of meat choices and healthy treats for the kiddies. This includes young families, grandmas raising grandchildren and a regular stop at the Senior Buildings. They can’t get out to the food giveaways. She started doing this long before, she even thought about running for the board, way back in 2009. Since then, she proven to be a powerful advocate for our students and schools. I wholeheartedly, support KerryJo Felder. Get ‘em girl!

Lynne Crockett – Northside’s largest education advocate

If she is on your ballot, I urge you all to vote for KerryJo Felder for school board. I don’t know how she finds the energy, but she is ALWAYS out, advocating for kids and sharing information with the busy public about important school board decisions they need to be aware of and how they can give input and make an impact. Please tell your friends to be sure to vote for KerryJo!!!!!

Alissa Luepke-Pier – Northside Resident and Mother

Thank you for all your help! The school dropped my son’s level 3 setting back down to a 1 or 2. Thank God! We are celebrating tonight! I am overjoyed with happiness! Thank you!

Alissa Beardsley – Northside Resident and Mother

I would love for you to run again, because you are an amazing person and you care about the kids in the community. I love the fact that when I opened up to the board about my situation, you have been here through the journey with me not only because it’s your job – you show me that you really care about your parents in the situation. That at hand, since the first day I opened up to you – you have been by my side since then… and I really appreciate you and everything you bring to the community. Really wish there were more like you…. you have my vote.”

Shanell Walls – Northside Resident and Mother

Thank you, KerryJo. He’s enrolled at MACC and probably will start tomorrow. I love love love you! Anything…… just let me know.

Angela Williams – Northside Resident and Community Member

Queen you are such a bright light and powerful force for not just the community and culture, but life itself. I really enjoy all that you do thank you special lady.

Ramon Zanders – Father

As an educator and administrator who values social justice and educational equity, I fully endorse KerryJo Felder for the Minneapolis school board. KerryJo’s dedication and passion centered on the future prosperity of our communities and children are beyond approach. I have found her to be both thoughtful and strategic in her ability to balance to make tough decisions that will impact those underserved in Minneapolis. She is a strong and inclusive leader who understands the struggles of the individuals she has committed her life to serving.  I don’t think that there is no better choice than KerryJo Felder for the Minneapolis School Board.

Jesse Mason Ph.D. – Community member & former teacher of KerryJo’s

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