A longtime convener of parents, students, grassroots community groups, unions, and MPS faculty and administrators, I possess the experience and know-how to navigate systems and inspire those systems to work harder for North Minneapolis kids.

Full-Service Community Schools

KerryJo kept her promise and brought 2 of 3 of the Full Service Community Schools in the district to North Minneapolis in CityView and Bethune.

Teacher Investment & Diversity

Many North Minneapolis schools struggle to recruit and retain teachers. KerryJo initiated the Teacher of Color Retention and Retainment Plan which is specific to Minneapolis Public Schools. There is a separate Teacher Equity Plan that comes from the state. Between these two plans, KerryJo is zoning in on making the system work for our teachers of color.

Replicate Successful Models

As a graduate of North High Summatech (from a family of Summatech grads), I personally understand the importance of believing Northside kids can and do thrive when offered a pathway to grow academically. I have fought hard to bring back or establish successful curricular models (North High Summatech/STEM, re-opening of Franklin/STEAM, and IB at Olson Middle) as well as establish school feeder pathways that keep North Minneapolis students engaged in their own neighborhood.

We can now look forward to a vigorous STEM pathway between Hall Elementary, Franklin Middle and North High Schools. Bethune Elementary will have an in-depth music program.

New Priorities

  1. More Programming

I am now focused on the trades in high school and have been working with a large group of community, trades and employers to make that happen.

Ensuring that District 2 has freedom schools as a choice and an Accelerated Learning School.

The Henry Football Field that has restrooms with running water is on my list.

Dual Immersion programming is so much better than the One-Way Immersion that we currently have.

2. Healthy Communities

Schools are the lifeblood of healthy communities. Investing in our students from every angle is a priority.

Students are now able to learn how to swim at both middle schools, now that they both have a pool.

3. Transparency & Accountability

I have been transparent and accountable. Bringing the community to the table and making sure Northside parents/students have a voice. I will continue to do so in the future.

4. Teachers of Color

My works is not done in this area. We have made great strides with the Teacher of Color Retention and Retainment Plan, which I initiated with Director Walser, but in a system that has not been equal for decades, making sure that all pathways are accessible and accurate for teachers of color success. I have been working with and will continue to work with teachers of color to make a better future and pathway for them.

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